True Variable Width Spreaders

Trailed spreaders with a twin chain conveyor to ensure you’re spreading fertiliser where you need it.

True Variable Width Spreaders from Horwood Bagshaw use patented Twin Chain Technology to guarantee full control over the spread width on both sides of the machine. Automatic adjustments of the Twin Chain and hydraulic driven spinners are powered by ISOBUS, giving you ultimate compatibility with your current equipment.

Twin Chain Technology is essential to deliver true variable width control. The ability to stop both the chain and spinner on one side of the machine, automatically when using GPS, means that your new Horwood Bagshaw spreader can do things other machines could never dream of.

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  • Modern fertilisers attract moisture, especially Urea. While paint and coatings are great, nothing has the durability of stainless steel for the bin and parts contacting the fertiliser. Spreaders are built to last from the highest quality 304 grade stainless steel.

  • Horwood Bagshaw partnered with Transpread who have developed spreaders for 60 years. We’ve developed the best design, and most robust proven technology to ensure you get the best quality spreader available. The current models have been rigourously field tested for three years. The people behind our spreaders are experienced agricultural manufacturers and suppliers. We know what works and what it takes to design, engineer and manufacture a spreader that’s going to last.

  • 3. LINEAGE
  • Does the design of the spreader look familiar? It should because it’s the latest generation of the Transpread design used by most major spreader manufacturers. Originally designed by NZ spreading contractor and later designer and manufacturer David Hoyle. The spreader you’re looking at is the result of 60 years of spreader evolution.

  • Looking for the moving parts? We took them all away and only kept what was absolutely necessary. The bearings, hydraulic motors and gearbox are more than likely on the shelf at any supplier near you. To deliver best in class uptime, we keep a full range of parts in stock, but you can get our parts anywhere.

  • 2 year front to back warranty against faulty parts and workmanship. We offer a 5 year replacement warranty on the chain under normal operating and hygene conditions.

  • 6. THE CHAIN
  • Originally designed for the salt spreaders in North America and Canada they’re tough and durable and built to last in the toughtest of environments. Plus they’re a positive system, so gravity or slope doesn’t affect the flow of fertiliser. Knowing that your spinners are getting active fertiliser flow in all conditions is the first step in ultimate fertiliser accuracy.

  • Every manufacturer tells you their spreader will throw to 24 or 36 metres. But it’s how evenly it spreads within this range that makes a spreader truly great. Our spreaders while throwing the required distance are also independently tested to ensure our Coefficient of Variation (COV) - is as low as possible. (*Learn more about CoV and spreading width page 8 of the brochure).

  • 8. A TEST KIT
  • To ensure ultimate accuracy in all materials Horwood Bagshaw supply you a test kit to calibrate and ensure the accuracy of your spreader in all conditions. Plus we supply full instructions on how to use the kit and accurately interpret the results.

  • 9. CONTROL
  • We have chosen Raven as the controller for the spreaders. Raven are proven in all forms of sprayer and spreader control and have been the gold standard for over 40 years in supplying the best control equipment to agriculture.

  • Our spreaders are fully ISOBUS compatible. Simply plug and play into your ISOBUS tractor and away you go. No need for another monitor in an already cluttered cabin, simply plug in and away you go. Full control at your finger tips.


Independent tests showed savings of 10-30% depending on conditions.
The Twin Chain Technology removes the waste areas for fertilizer automatically. Plus our patented system has been independently tested to a CoV of less than 13%. Proven even spreading and full control of the spread rate to both sides of the machine automatically.
Australian Farmers operate in paddocks with trees, dams and that are often asymmetrical. This is where the Twin Chain technology excels.

Product Specifications


All Units ship standard with 10 stub hubs, hydraulic brakes, adjustable drawbar height, roll top cover and transport lights.
Rated capacities are based on the following densities –
+Fertiliser Capacity (1.2t / m3)
++Urea Capacity (0.8t / m3)
+++Lime Capacity (1.4t / m3)
^ TVW10 uses a single belt so the variable spread width performance will be slightly different to the other models.
* Wheels in measurement should only be used as an indication for shipping width on TVW16 and TVW20. With the wheels in, the movement of the steerable axle is severely limited.

CU. Capacity (m3) 6.5 8.2 10.8 13.2 16.7
Fertiliser (T)+ 7.8 9.84 12.96 15.84 20.04
Urea (T)++ 5.2 6.56 8.64 10.56 13.36
Lime (T)+++ 9.1 11.48 15.12 18.48 23.38
Conveyor Drive Ground Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Tachometer Std N/A N/A N/A N/A
ISOBUS Controlled N/A Standard Standard Standard Standard
Dynamic Calibration N/A N/A Standard Standard Standard
Load Cells N/A N/A Standard Standard Standard
Display N/A Opt Opt Opt Opt
Chain Single Single Twin Twin Twin
Variable Spread Width N/A Standard^ Standard Standard Standard
Floor Feed Width (mm) 730 730 730 730 730
Tyres 16.9x28 23.1x26 650/75Rx32 600x22.5 600x22.5
Axle Configuration Single Single Single Tandem Steerable Tandem Steerable
Wheel centre (track) 2200 2200x3000 2200x3000 3000 3000
Removable Drawbar N/A Standard Standard Standard Standard
Sprung Drawbar N/A Standard Standard Standard Standard
Bin Material Mild Steel Mild Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Tractor HP Requirement 100-180 150-250 150-250 200-350 250-400
Unladen Weight (kg) 2110 2630 3690 4720 5210
Max Drawbar Weight (kg) 1700 1900 3400 3750 4000
Hydraulic Flow Required (lpm) 80 110 140 140 140
Bin Length (mm) 3000 3000 4000 5000 6000
Bin Width (mm) 2290 2290 2290 2290 2290
Bin Height (mm) 1315 1654 1654 1654 1654
Transport Length (mm) 5775 5955 7090 8085 9085
Transport Height (mm) 2530 2780 2915 3015 3045
Transport Width (Wheels in*) (mm) 2435 2875 2940 2860 2860
Transport Width (Wheels out) (mm) 2635 3575 3640 3560 3560

ISOBUS Rate Control

Flotation Tyres

Twin Chain Technology

Roll Top Tarp Standard

Hi-Torque Motors

Fertiliser Spinners up to 36m


Adjustable door

Sprung Drawbar

Ground Drive Option

Led Tail Lights

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