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Horwood Bagshaw Australian designed and built Airseeders can:
  • increase productivity
  • improve sowing accuracy
  • minimize capital investment
  • minimize running costs

Maximise the benefits of timely and accurate sowing with a Horwood Bagshaw Airseeder to match your needs.

  1. Single Shooting

    Single shooting is mixing one, two or more materials together in a single delivery system and placing them in the soil together, in one location. Commonly, single shooting is applying all fertiliser, all seed, or mixing and sowing seed and fertiliser, or several types of fertiliser together in one location.

  2. Double Shooting

    Double shooting is delivering seed and fertiliser through separate hoses to separate locations in the soil. Commonly, double shooting places the fertiliser below, or to the side of the seed.

  3. Double Shoot with Blending

    Double shooting with blending means delivery of:

    • Fertiliser blended with seed in one hose.
    • Fertiliser only in the second hose and placing them in different locations in the soil bed.

    Mixing two fertilisers and placing them separate from the seed is also known as double shooting.

  4. Triple Shooting

    Using a Triple Bin Airseeder, it is possible to sow:

    • Seed and fertiliser through one set of hoses
    • Urea through another.

    Triple shooting with Blending means delivery of:

    • Seed blended with fertiliser through one set of hoses
    • Fertiliser blended with urea through another.
Download PDF Airseeder range
Horwood Bagshaw Australian designed and built Liquid Airseeders:
  • Improve plant nutrition availability, reducing costs and increasing yields
  • Ease of liquid handling and storage
  • Less down time- liquids don’t need to be refilled as often
  • More accurate placement of fertiliser bands
  • Offer the ability to include trace elements and herbicides
Variable Rate Technology

Horwood Bagshaw’s innovative electric drive, variable rate Airseeders offer reduced costs and increased yields. The variable rate technology allows the operator to customise seed and fertiliser application to suit varying soil types and conditions. Ask your local dealer or contact Horwood Bagshaw for more information.

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