Horwood Bagshaw’s Precision Seeding System
encompasses a Parallelogram and tine configuration
to deliver outstanding crop results.

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for more information.

Roll over the diagram to discover the four
components of the precision module:

1. Hydraulic Front Tine
The hydraulic leading tine places fertiliser at a controlled, constant depth below the seedbed.

The front tine is designed for:

  • Improved seed growth through
    cultivation below the seed
  • More accurate (with less wastage)
    fertiliser placement
  • Increased water infiltration in the soil.

2. Parallelogram
The Parallelogram controls the rear seeding tine’s
ground following:

  • Lower soil disturbance reduces weed
    germination and the use of crop-care products
  • Openings are registered to the seed row,
    to conserve moisture.

3. Rear, Seeding Tine
Seed depth control provides an accurate, uniform crop.

Seed can also be placed:

  • Inline with the fertiliser tine, or
  • Separately in a side band (off-set) to
    0, 12, 24 or 36mm off-line with the
    front tine, avoiding fertiliser toxicity.

4. Presswheel
Essential to finishing the job, the presswheel creates
a trench of packed earth over the seed which:

  • Produces an even crop
  • Harvests valuable rainfall.

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