DEFENCE - Armoured Module


DEFENCE - Flat Rack


TRANSPORT- Trailer Chasis


GRAIN - Drive Over Unload Hopper


Company Background

Horwood Bagshaw is a long-established South Australian company founded [in its initial format] in 1838. The company has evolved through various structures and locations in & around Adelaide. From 1975 all activity was consolidated in Mannum approx 80km from Adelaide. In 1998, Horwood Bagshaw was purchased by Adelaide based Sweeney Investments to become a South Australian privately-owned and based company.

The factory at Mannum has been extensively upgraded since and now provides an efficient facility, in particular, to process [from cutting through to painting] large steel structures. The above facilities allow Horwood Bagshaw to operate two divisions:

Contract Engineering
Horwood Bagshaw has had extensive experience as a Contract Engineer over a prolonged period with the mining, automotive, defence & wine industries. This has allowed the company to develop welding skills for mild steel, stainless steel & aluminium, and maintain a solid group of boilermakers/welders, many of whom have been trained by the company.

Agricultural Machinery
Recent emphasis has seen the development of its range of Tillage & Seeding equipment [for which Horwood Bagshaw holds a 15% share of the Australian market]. Participation in this segment allows Horwood Bagshaw to maintain a range of skills [particularly for module fabrication] which are complementary to its Contract Engineering activity.
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MINING - Fabricated Pond Wall


RAIL - Chay Wagon