All Horwood Bagshaw tough, rugged farm
machinery can be set up to accommodate your
style of farming and farming requirements.

The Next Generation of Conservation Tillage

1. Choose the shank most suited
to your farming conditions.

A. Edge-On C Shank
B. Flat-On C Shank
C. Straight Shank

All Scaribar tines accept all the industry standards ground engaging tools – 44.5mm edge on or 50mm flat on.

2. Choose the Tillage Option to suit
your farming needs.

Sweep Shares for Primary and Secondary Cultivation

1. Agpoint
2. Agpoint
3. McCoy Tillage
4. Primary Sales Australia

5. McCoy Tillage
6. Agpoint
7. Agpoint
8. McCoy Tillage

Direct Drilling / Narrow Points

9. Agpoint
10. Primary Sales Australia
11. Agpoint
12. Primary Sales Australia

13. Agpoint
14. Agpoint

Seeding Openers

15. Flexicoil Stealth Opener
16. Concord Anderson Opener
17. Morris Gumbo Boot